Friday, January 22, 2010

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anything can be done, anything at all, even that anything is next to impossible, we can achieve it! all we need is courage and determination, not to mention effort, endless sweating, thinking.. ya, finally i got the momentum to stand tall next to anybody that i felt "taller" before. Allah itu Maha Adil. today we see sadness upon us, but the next thing we know, there's great news.

kpd sesiapa yg rs diri tu sgt lebih segala2nya dr org lain, dan dgn bangganya menunjukkan lagak, sedarlah.. in the end we are all the same. we'll just be bones. what matters more is our heart, our nawaitu.

n kdg2 certain decision that we make, wont do us favor in other things. but it is our choice, and we have to bear it. kwn yg baik adlh kwn yg tidak mengubah kwnnya mnjadi spt ape yg dia suka, ttp bersama2 menuju ke arah kebaikan.


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You the talented person