Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PS i love you

salam..wohoho.. it's been wednesday already. time's moving away very fast. and we are getting to the end of ramadhan. i hope i will be able to meet next ramadhan again, insyaAllah.

hmm, im at my workplace. but i do nothing much since this morning. pg td mase g keje nmpk ade yg dh angkut beg balik kg. i cant wait to go back. dh x larat nk mkn kt luar, even g bazar pn dh xtau nk beli ape. naik ijau mata tgok the same foods since first puasa.

oh ya, smlm sy berbuka dgn zaikha, my old fren. we broke our fast right in my room, smbil tgok cte PS I Love You. i've watched this movie before, but still by watching it yesterday, rs sdih jgk. i dont know what will happen to me if i was Holly Kennedy. when the love still growing and growing stronger, suddenly it is taken without her willing. how sad.. *sigh* i think i could be quite insane if someone i love leave me so quickly, and left me those letters reminiscing all of our memories together . the feelings are too unbearable.

ok, back to reality! byk lg keje menunggu sy dan akan ttp menunggu smpi abes cuti raya nnt. i must and i have to finish my writing masa holiday nnt. it's ok though, i havent even have any mood of raya. :-s . but i really cant wait to go home.. and get ready with all those comments yg menyakitkan hati drpd saudara mara tercinta. "eh, npe pp makin chubby?".. "eh, aishah ke ni? lain muka skang eh"... "npe gemuk sgt sha?"... wtf! tension ok.. u cannot expect me to be the same like i was back in 10 YEARS ago! i lurve myself the way i am..besides, im not super duper gemuk. hehehehe.. apepn, i have to get ready to fire back.. dgn kuasa bulan, akan menghukummu!

ok2, kne start wt keje skang. baik.. cau cin cau!

till next time..

p/s: jeka, thanks alot sbb bg selipar pink yg sgt2 comel tu.. i really99x lurve it. heh heh. x saba nk tnjuk kt naim :D


intan.dayana said...

aishah,kenape laen.hehehe.saje je.mahu bikin ati kamu membara.lalalala~

bile balik?

aishah~ said...

hihi.. mau kene tumbuk ka? =p aku balik jum.. raya nnt jmpe k ;)