Tuesday, July 26, 2011

for you, yes you... :p

coretan utk kamu...

I'm sorry dear, but somehow, it's kind of an enjoyment just to make you feel angry, just to bother you with things that should never been brought up.. just to make you say words in your pure Terengganu accent! and somehow, I managed to shout back at you using the same accent, and amazingly, you said that you didn't understand a word I was saying or you just pretend that you don't understand! and I was like, "whatever!" I'm still saying 'em, doesn't matter if you said it was ugly and "kaku", "keras" or whatsoever!

becauseeeee... the truth is.. I ♥ you just the way you are. sengihnampakgigi

and I'm sure you feel the same, right? you make me laugh, you make me cry, I guess that's both I'll have to buy tumbuk


Anonymous said...

this is like just the way you are.
you will only do to who you love just the way he behave, just the way he act and just the way he will be currently and forever.
seems to be we are fate to be together forever and ever. don't feel angry with me and hope you always be by my side forever and never let me go. since first time we met, i will never ever forget you. xoxo, love u forever.

hawa2403 said...

ngahahhahha....gler cumel la korng....miawwwwwwww...hehhehe