Wednesday, August 3, 2011

be patient

come to think of it, dlm hidup ni tak semua bnda yg kita nak konpem akan dapat. as you grow older, you'll think more of the positive side, even though sometimes you can't seem to deal with the fact that.. "nape org lain bleh dapat?" or "nape naseb aku je yg malang?"..

it is not malang or bad lcuk actually. it's more like you have to wait for the right time for it to happen. ye lah kan, bile tgok orang lain dapat or ade bnda yg kita nak sangat2 tu, mcm2 bnde buruk @ negatif kita akan pikir. up until one point, we'll feel like a loser, totally loser! tapiii... mmg betul org cakap, "knowledge is power!".. and how do you get that knowledge? of course from reading, reading and reading... continuously!

basically, learning is a process that you've to go through for the rest of your life. when you read something or anything at all, trust me, you'll find some of the reading is very, extremely useful for your own life. it'll be like... "ohhh, patut lah rezeki aku untuk buat bnda ni tak sampai lagi, sebab bila baca bnde ni, rasa diri sndiri pun tak ready.."

above all, God knows what is the best for you.. Dia x bagi bnda yg kite nak bukan sebab kite nasib malang ke ape, tapi sebab Dia tahu exactly things yg kita mampu buat atau tidak.. and kita dah ready ke belum..

so, be patient & bersyukurlah dgn kehidupan anda sekarang. there's always hope on the other side. you just have to wait for the right moment for it to strike! senyumkenyit

p/s: gambar xd kene mengena dgn post di atas. jelir

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