Friday, April 30, 2010

if only i could turn back time

happy friday kwn2.. may today brings you more happiness under The Almighty's protection.
at late night like this, mcm2 bnde yg terpk kt pale otak ni, x kisah la mengarut ke tak, tetap terpikir jgk.. like tonite, tbe2 terpk, "if only i could turn back time, i could do sooo many things, like million things better than i did now." for example:

1) nak watch out my weight when i was slim back then. seriously, when i take a look at my old pics, i really was slim! mengapakah sy xd kesedaran pd masa itu utk mnjaga berat bdn dgn baik?? uwaa.. td tgok pic mase taun 2006 dgn sara, die ckp, 'wahh. kalo tutup muka mest org x tau ni ko." ahahaha... ade ke ptt? sabo je la.. but then, rsnye mase dulu mmg x pnh sedar kot diri ni kurus.. dlm pale otak asik pikir, gemok, gemok, dan gemok... hmmm...

mengelamun sebentar..

oh ya, gmba mase sy kurus x bleh diupload, sbb ditakuti akan mendatangkan kesan negatif kpd pemilik blog.. hrp phm ye..

2) i wish i was damn good at school, esp high school. rs mcm x all out mase blaja dlu, lg2 time kt mrsm kuantan (SPM).. up until now, terbit ts menyesal sbb x blaja btul2 n pk bnde lain yg amatlah merugikan.. kalo tak, surely my dream of studying abroad will come true.. mase PMR, i could say that i was happy and proud of myself, because i dare to dream high n in the end, i did achieve my dream..

ok, buat mase ni, 2 bnda tu je kot yg paling buat aku nak kembali ke mase silam.. but then, when i think thoroughly, if things did not happen the way they were, mesti aku xkn berada di bumi USM ni, mesti xkn jmpe my great friends, and of cos x kn jmpe my other half.. and my path of life will be entirely different from what im having right now, which im very happy and content with..

itulah mnusia kn, x kn penah puas dgn apa yg dia ada.. the grass is always greener on the other side.. and when it comes to saying, "u dont know what you've got til it's gone", it is definitely, absolutely true enough!

till then~~
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ikhayusuf said...

emm..betul2...bila benda dah jadik baru nak nyesal kan..selalu pon gitu..huhu..kita serupa shah~

aishah~ said...

btul2.. ko mest phm ape yg aku rasekn..