Sunday, April 25, 2010

my head is spinning round and round....

happy sunday! td tgh golek2 utk try tdo diwaktu tghri, kate org, take a nap before zohor prayer is good for you, tp ni dh lps zohor dh pun.. ape yg goodnye, nnt kalo tdo sure smpi ke asar, mereng jdinye.. dh la smlm ujan lebat, of cos the weather was nice and cold, apo laie, tdo dr awal pg smpi ke ptg kot.. hmmpss! bersalah rase..

so, when i was about to shut my eyes, tbe2 mate tkelip2.. x leh tdo.. why? because there are just so many things going on inside my mind now, which is good because then I have something to do. mcm2 bnde tu tmasuk lah:

1) nak men farmville, lame x melawat jiran2.. ape jd kt diorg tah.

2) upload gmba kt fb, pictures that were taken ages ago (during my birthday, on a trip to kelantan).

3) nk try edit2 pics.. sonok tgok mmbe len dh pndai, tp i cume tau basic shj.. up until now, i still cant decide whether to use photoshop or any idea guys?

4) nk bace journal! yg ni dr dulu smpi skrg azam tu ttp ade, tp x tau la bile tercapai *sigh*

5) tukar tmplate blog.. i think i need something mature, which is suitable with my age, or my mood at the moment.

6) nk bace n tulis review pasal movies that i watched, tips that i read and whatsoever. i love sharing tips with people. tp rs mcm 24 jam x ckup utk sehari. there are just too many things to do, too many things to proritize things... i dont think the time is to be blamed, but it's me! ok, surrender.. sy yg x tau nk manage mase dgn bkesan.. walaupn umur sudah mncecah 24 tahun, ttp nmpknye umur x berkadaran dgn pengurusan mase yg bkesan kot..

hmm.. suddenly i came across this thought.. ok, i will try to complete things that i wish i would do as listed above. so, we will see whether i can accomplish it or not. jeng3..

and i dont even know whether i have anybody reading my blog, apart from my friends, anis, jeka..but who cares? i write becos i feel like typing and writing. and i dont even put my blog url at my fb profile. i malu la youu... ahaha..

ok, i'll let u know later whether i manage to do all the things listed above.. ;)

till then... ~~

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ikhayusuf said...

wah..wah..mane taw aku baca blog ko nie..
hihi...shah gne laa photoscape,edit dy senang..sebab aku xreti pakai photoshop sebenarnye..hehehe..

aishah~ said...

sebab aritu ko yg trigger aku utk menulis balik. hehe.. ad x installer die yang? nak bule?