Wednesday, April 21, 2010

revamp up yourself!

can you believe that at time like this, exactly 1.23 am in the morning, suddenly i have got all the enthusiasm i ever wanted these past few weeks? yesss, i am! x tau nape tbe2 skang ni rs mcm bsmgt sgt nk wat buat sume keje. i just finished folding all my clothes, already done Isyak prayer, and my eyes still wide open. rs mcm lps ni nk mmbaca buku cerita pulak. i've bought quite a number of my favourite english books, tp smpi skrg xd peluang nk bace. asal nk bace je, x jdik.. even ad few books yg dh bace half way, but i guess i have to restart all over again.

my roomie used to say that i was very energetic during night time. kalo mlm tu, ad je bnde aku nk kms sane, sapu sane, sapu sini.. mlm td duk sapu sawang2 kt bilik.. kt uma pun cmtu.. i guess i was an owl mase dulu2 kot.. ahahaha..

but seriously, i feel different tonight. enough said, im gonna start over and make sure when i do something, i'll do it seriously!

till then~~

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~anis said...

chaiiiyookkk!!!! hihih

Atiqah Adnan said...

wah semangat juga akak baca entry nie.. hee~ tulaa susah nak dapatkan energy terbaik dalam satu-satu masa..

aishah~ said...

thx anis! luv u.. ;)

kak atiqah: btul2.. smlm rs bsmgt sgt nk wat sume keje, tp ari ni tbe2 down.. manusia2.. sekejap je mood bleh berubah kn..