Tuesday, October 5, 2010

happy is the key to everything! err, literally everything kot..

hi guys! hari ni kan, tah kenapa rs mcm dpt smgt baru pulak! even keje still x siap2, kene perli lg tuh ngan sv.. ahaks! tp sy rs gmbira! rs mcm skrg ni enjoy dgn my work, and rs bsmgt nk siapkn keje lab, n write a paper for publishing purpose! rs mcm dh leh wat 1 or 2 paper utk publish nih. i already got one paper already published, and now I think I want more! tp skang ni tgh siapkn paper utk conference dlu, br leh pk utk bnde lain.

but whatever it is, I think I'm happy enough with my works. :D this is the pic of me smilingggg.... :):):):):)

p/s: ada mcm adik beradik x? *wink*

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