Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'm done with u.

you know, sometimes when we think that we've already give all of our best to someone, and suddenly, we feel that everything we've done is not, well, kinda appreciated by that someone, we'll feel sad. yes, that is what happening to me right now.

kdg2 rs mcm, baik x pyh lgsung kisah pasal org, or give advice when he or she most needed it. rs mcm x berbaloi bila kite rs kita dh tlg yg tbaik, bg nasihat, support in term of money, and etc etc (bkn nk mengungkit).. n when th time comes bila pndapat kita x sama dgn dia, he or she will act like I am the one who shud be blamed. wtf?

dh bg nasihat berpuluh2 kali, ckp itu ini, and I even told that person, not to be me, where I am still regretting for what happening to me when i was back in first year of my undergrad life, tp still x reti2 bhs lg ka?

so, whatever might happen after this, lu carik solution sndiri ok. tayah byk2 tnye itu ini kat I! ckp beribu kali pun masih x reti bhs. so, lantak la.. ape nk jd, jd la ok.. sket pn sy xkisah.

kdg2 rs menyesal sbb interfere dgn decision die satu ms dulu.

ok, dh ilang marah,

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