Friday, October 29, 2010


do you know what hurts the most? when you think that someone you truly care for, is the person that most understanding you in and out. and at some point, it turned out to be wrong. it is the same person that you thought most understand you, is the one who do not understand you at all. after all what you've been doing all this time is trying to follow the right path, that person seem to be dislike it for a reason that I do not understand at all.

and that person keeps on hurting me as much as I try to take care of that person's feelings, heart etc etc. I do my best to make a relation between human as wonderful as possible, without breaking any law..but...

I am not perfect, yet I'm just some random human with feelings. I've reached my limitation of being patient, and I did try my best not to break anyone's heart. But somehow, it is me whose heart got broken in the first place, just for the sake of trying to protect others feelings.

I'm at my very lowest point in my life, right now. Whatever happen, will happen. Years and years of knowing someone is not a definite guarantee that it would have a happy ending.

footnote: credit to google for images.

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