Thursday, May 28, 2009

the biggest loser

hi all..

today, my entry will be fully english.. (sj sbb dh lme x wat english essay.. hehe).

this evening, when i was watching tv, i managed to watch this one program at hallmark channel, which they called "the biggest loser". i think any of you mush have watched this program at least once, right? well, it was the season 1 finale, and at that time, they were finding the winner who would get around 250,000 based on the biggest weight they lost during the program.

the thing that attracts me the most is when they show those people before and after they undergo the training program. there was this one woman who was crying while she said that most of the people out there judging her based on her weight, and not because of the real her. and there was this one guy, who said that he wanted to show to all those people out there that we can do anything, anything at all as long as we have the determination to do that. turns out he's the winner with the biggest lost of his weight, around 100++ pounds. he used to have female boobs (trust me, die sgt2 overweight).. hehe. it touches me to the most because as we all know, most of the people only judge us by the way we look, how we appear, and less of them know the real us. and they tend to hurt us sometimes, with their unappropriate words, criticizing our physical. sometimes, its the heart that matters the most.think about it.

later this evening, the rain's pouring down, thx god. dpt la merase ptg yg nyaman. i managed to sip a hot coffee while reading my twilight 3rd book kt laman umah. sangat2 nyaman.

ok.. gtg. my sis sgt2 la x sabar nk gune tenet nih. huh!

til next time..


hairdo said...

babe aku de gak tgk iklan cerita tu.tapi aku tak tgk la.daripada cite kau tu aku layak tgk cite tu.hehe

haih.dgr dr cerita ko tu cam ko duduk kat atlanta je..=P

saya bibah said...

untungnye dunia skang ni.turun berat badan pun bole dpt uanggg..

tinkerbeLL said...

mmg smlm cm duk kt atlanta.. tp xde penguin je.. hehe..

btul2..nnt kalo ad biggest loser msia bole la join.. tp kte selim melim, xlayak kot.. hmm..

hairdo said...

hehe..kalau kat msia ada aku la org pertama akn join.

tinkerbeLL said...

hahaha.. cm x layak je babe.