Saturday, November 12, 2011

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtracks

The time is finally around the corner! Sangat tidak sabar utk tengok the next series of Twilight, The Breaking Dawn Part 1! It'll be released here in Malaysia on 24th November.. I thought of watching it more than once, boleh gitu? sengihnampakgigi

Video klip utk lagu Bruno Mars, It Will Rain dah keluar which is the first soundtrack for this movie. Lagi satu lagu Christina Perri, A Thousand Years. Both of 'em are equally good I think.

That girl in this video? I bet lots of girls are super jealous of her! merajuk

Written by Christina herself, not to mention she's a huge fan of Twilight! I wish I could write, you know.. songs, stories, doesn't matter as long as I can produce something, I hope someday I would!

For all the Twilighters out there, you know who you are.. happy watching for this upcoming movie. It's reaching the ending, finally...

credit to google for the image.

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