Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I've always wanted to travel all around the world. Dulu masa zaman sekolah menengah, I thought at the age of 25 and above, I must be a succesful woman, with a career, and of course, lots of money. Tapi di manakah ku sekarang? uhuk2..

Takpe, plan masih ttp ada. I should be happier since I'm married and no kids yet, at the moment (which people dh sibuk2 tnya ade isi ke belum , ade isi ke belum, since day 1 we got married, literally. Annoying ok!).. so, harap2 dapat la merealisasikan impian nak travel dengan husband nanti. Dulu konon2 nak belajar oversea and married some mat saleh..hahaha.. Guess He knows better, right?

Dream big, right? :)

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