Monday, August 9, 2010

luahan hati seorang pelajar

kdg2, ok, bukan kdg2, but more often than always, sll sgt rs nk give up my masters degree, and proceed dgn carik keje. *sigh* it's not that I don't have a good supervisor, he is more than good enough, believe me you. Tp environment sekeliling yg pd pndangan aku, do not offer much favor to me. Did i choose the wrong path? mungkin sy x layak kot nk smbung2 blaja nih..

And I think yes....I do! :(

But it is too late to change the course of my life. What we do today, is the choice made by us.

The only solution possible is to change my response (mood utk teruskn study) to the event (my current research) to get the expected outcome (me graduated with flying colors!)

Thanks to Jack Canfield, the author of 25 Principles of Success. At least I still have hope.

Hope... itu yg paling penting buat aku skrg.


sacretly syu said...

kerja pun tak semestinya best sepanjang masa..there's a time yang kita rasa nak benti kerja dan belajar balik..saya pun pernah nekad nak benti kerja..sampai satu tahap dah tak tahan sangat,but actually time tu la saya manage to overcome masalah tu..magic my advice just live positive girl..!

aishah~ said...

thx sis. yeah, kdg2,bnde tu kecik je tp bile time tu tgh xd mood, so many bad thoughts will come. so, mula la rs nk benti, itu ini.. but im ok now.. sume bnde ad risiko kn.. thanks again ;)