Friday, July 30, 2010

of all people. why me?

Sometimes I wonder, why this thing happened to me? Why of all people, I am the one that God chose to accept this kind of trouble (or punishment I might say) or whatever things that I wish I do not want it to happen! But then, after a while when everything is going back to normal again, I said to myself, "ohh, patut la Allah buat mcm ni hari tu, rupe2nye bnde ni menyenangkan aku di masa skrg."

And I couldn't stop smiling thinking betapa adilnya Allah Yang Satu itu. Sometimes things happen for a reason. It might not be good for us now and perhaps later, something even BETTER awaits us. Smileeee...

I am in the mode utk menenangkan hati yg gundah gulana sbb td bila kol jbtn bndahari, encik tutttt sedang bercuti selama seminggu. Hmm, dh agak dh.. Si dia mmg mcm tu, asal gaji masuk, time tu dia cuti sbb konpem x larat nk angkat fon n jmpe student face to face. Tp kan, dh mmg salah encik tuttt ok.. Borang sy dh bg, xkn ilang lg kotttt...

Td dh kol bndahari,dn borang tu mmg ad kt stu.. so, whose fault is that? For someone who has been working on the same thing for quite some time, this kind of thing should never happen! They should have have one systematic way to make sure everything is organized. Dh terbukti dh, and I know I'm not the one to blame, as I already done my duty by giving him the form longggg time ago.

Takpela, ad hikmah kot semua ni, even td my beloved viva ad mslh bateri. Dh agak dh, tp x sngke time xd duit ni dia nk jd...hmmm..

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