Sunday, July 18, 2010

back from unplanned hiatus

oh, dh lme sungguh x menaip di sini. i did visit my blog once in a while, and of course dlm kpla ni byk sgt bnde yg x sbr utk diterjemahkan dlm bntuk tulisan, but then, i dont know where the passion of writing has gone. *sigh* n now im back in writing mode. let's just pray that it will last longer than before, will you? ;)

yesterday me and my 6 friends had a blast watching Eclipse movie, the third installment of Twilight Saga. and two thumbs up to the director, the screenwriter and everyone involved in the making of it! it is not easy to translate a novel into one great movie you have to come up with the best screen play as possible, without neglecting the important scene and the movement of the story in the particular book. tp biase la kn, utk yg x suke tgok cte ni, mcm2 diorg ckp, tp tgok jgk. just for the sake nk mengutuk. well, ape kate ko sndiri yg buat 1 movie, n let me see it. nk tgok bagus sgt ke tidak! bluwek!! :p x salah kot nk bg pndangan, tp xyh la smpi nk mengutuk mcm die sorg yg perfect kn. ok, enough said!

and thanks to my friends yg tgok same2.. nnt next installment kte g lg ok.. ;)

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