Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the back-up plan

I have to keep constantly reminding myself that no matter in what condition I am in, or I will be in, I have to and I must be independent! mesti ok! (ye, sy seorang bdk, ops silap, sy seorang perempuan yg sll sgt lupe bnde2 kecik mcm ni, pastu nnt sy duduk sorang2 kt corner bilik smbil mengenang nasib diri yg sll sgt rs semua org akan tlg sy). That is totally wrong!

No matter how we think we have someone or people that will always be around us all the time, difficulties will arise someday where at that moment, xd sape yg akan tlg kamu. melainkan kamu dan diri kamu sndiri. So, the back-up plan adlh sgt penting. bkn cm cite yg jLo blakon tu, tu backup plan lain.. *giggle*

Jgn harapkn duit org lain, or org2 spesel akan tlg bila time susah tu dtg. Human's human. Kdg2 mereka sndiri x phm ape yg kite rs time kte nk dlm kesusahan tu.. so, drpd kita rs sakit hati kt org lain, you better have your own emergency plan. sob3.. tbe2 trase ati pulak ari ni..

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