Monday, July 26, 2010

the truth sometimes hurt

yes, it is true... every things that you face everyday will give you difficulties occasionally. for example, bgaduh dgn kwn la, bf menipu la(ckp nk balik esok, tp dia balik lusa), tibe2 sakit ati la, n mcm2 lg. and it is up to our wisdomness and capability to solve such things wisely, without breaking anyone's feelings around us.

and my friend had once said that,"org laki ni kalo gado smpi luka sana sini, sok2 bile diorang ok, mmg ok sgt2, mcm xdak pa yg jd smlm, and org pmpuan kalo gaduh or trase ati esp part2 yg besaaarr pnye trase, sok2 bila dh ok, but that emotion, yg rs disakiti tu depa akan ingt smpi bila2." and of course, we will think of it once in a blue moon.

so, guys, bhati2 dlm bkwn, n kalau boleh, jgn smpi buat kwn tu trase ati yg smpi nk meletop jantung dia. i have had experiences dealing with this, though I'm not the one who like to started it all, but that 'feeling', still lingering somewhere inside of me. kalau bole, aku akan jg ati org tu sebaik2nya, because.... simple! i dont wanna be hurt either! and please please please, jgn trase x tntu pasal dgn status org kt facebook, ym or any social networking. because of that so-called status, x pasal2 kite akan gaduh dgn org.. haa, naseb la ko time tu, sume bnde aku luahkan, dr luar kain smpi dalam kain. and yg x bestnya, sume tu adlh btul.. *pastu rs nyesal lak, sian kt die* x baik nk bukak pekung org lain... hahahaha..

yess, I am the type of girl who will spit out everything without giving any second thought about the consequences, BUT ONLY when someone triggers the "tiger" inside of me! hehehe.. maksudnya, jgn carik pasal dgn aku la..

i do respect the way of others living themselves, and you have to do the same too.. after all, we are 1 Malaysia.

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