Thursday, July 29, 2010

sy yg tgh marah

I don't know why these past few days asyik rs nk mrh org je.. serba serbi buat sume x kne.. haish! I hate this kind of feeling, sbb nnt bile nk buat sume keje konpem x jdik or the result won't be as expected.

And just now, my SV told all of us to submit an abstract for conference paper, latest by tomorrow. What the fish?? I don't even know where to start.. (I am that kind of person who will get panic on the spot and everything will be blurrrred.. as blur as you can imagine! *sigh*)

And just now also, (haish, byknye just now aku), I found out that sume lab mate sudah mndapat elaun masing2.. uwaa. nape asik aku je yg kne?? npe aku x dpt2 lg? ;(( last month pun mcm tu jgk.. but that I can understand, sbb borang tu bndahari x terima. tp xkn ilang lagi kot borang tu wahai encik tutttt... sy x larat ok asik nk call encik je.. sy pun malu kot, mntk duit sndiri kt org lain.. eeeeeeeee, rs nk marah plus hangin satu badan plus rs nk korek lubang pastu duduk kt situ lama2.

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~anis said...

ecah... sorrryyyyyyy~ =( tak bermaksud utk ko ponnn.... huhuhu