Monday, July 26, 2010

over the breakup songs

I barely remember when is the exact date of me being dumped by that ugly bastard! hehehe.. sori, got a bit harsh there. cewah, ekceli ingt je, I can remember it perfectly well, it was the first year of my uni life, on second semester. and thanks to that b***h, I didn't pass the final exam, and my loan was barred for one semester, and I have to pay the uni fees all by myself, not my money, my mum's actually. you are the most wonderful mother in the world, thanks a lot for your understanding and being there for me at that worst time of my life. history's history. but the scar will remain forever I must say, and now that you are happily married, congratulations! I am totally over you, way over. :)

well, that's not the story I wanna write here.. just nak share the songs that I used to hear when my heart was broken like s**t! wow, byknye curse words hari ni. sorry ya..all those songs did help me a lot through the healing process (yess, this is the worst moment in my life so far, so the healing process takes a lot more time than you can imagine). and of course, byk dekatkn diri pada Yang Esa itu sudah pasti. :)

I used to listen to all those songs bila tibe2 sdih x tntu pasal, bile rs mcm nk off-on hp byk kali smbil harap lps off hp tu akan ad msg or kol masuk, bile rs mcm nk gile sbb x tau ape kslhn sndiri smpi diperlakukan sebegitu rupa, bile rs self motivation super down and I can barely look at the mirror and tell myself that everything's gonna be ok, and bile rs nk melayan perasaan sndiri tnpa menitiskan air mata (and most of the times, I never failed to shed some tears). well, speak no more. the songs are:

1) Jet - look what you've done
2) Ashley Parker Angel - let you go
3) Natalie Umbruglia - torn
4) Nick Lachey - what's left of me
5) No Doubt - don't speak
6) Destiny's Child - emotion
7) Katherina McPhee - over it
8) BSB - I still

and the one and only song that's been my all time favorite was..............

"Eamon - don't want you back"

this song is totally cool. why did I say that? listen to it yourself and you'll know why... hihihi.. listen at your own risk ok. awal2 dh bg warning nih... hehehe..

well, I am extremely happy now. no sad feelings or whatsoever. it took me almost a year to fully recover and got myself right back up.

so, don't simply hurt someone's feeling, and if you don't love him/her anymore, just tell them the truth right in front of their faces. just don't walk away like nothing happen and leave them clueless. because the wound is deeper, much much deeper than you can ever imagine.


1nd3r4 said...


jeka~ said...

whoaa~lagu yg sgt byk cursing..hehehe..ptot laa ade warning penah dgr tp xpenah taw tajuk lgu..hihi..

n good dear,ko dah lupe dy..mmg xperlu nak igt dy dah..hehe..that sog really suits you best!hehehe

aishah~ said...

indera: ehem2? :p

jeka: hihihi.. tu yg aku bg warning awal2 tu.. mmg sesuai utk org2 mcm aku dlu kn.. n thanks jeka, I am totally over him. tp kdg2 sll gk rs bongok n nyesal sbb bnde ni efek study aku :(

1nd3r4 said...

blajo la rerajin...bler la org tu nk blanje nie...

aishah~ said...

blanje ape ek org di sana? lupe la.. :p