Tuesday, May 17, 2011

no body's perfect.. but.....

as I grow up, I see more people, and I see more of the dark side of human, me included. (to say that I'm not perfect too!)...

but despite of the imperfection that we, as human do possess, we should be able to think rationally rather than emotionally, as God has given us BRAIN, and our abilities to fully utilize it..

as for my own opinion, it is not wrong for us to have some sort of jealousy towards other people, provided that the jealousy is in a good way, as in to improve ourselves to be better, to provide more for our families, and make sure that they live comfortably and happily ever after... (though the "ever after" term has varies definitions according to different people with different culture)..
but, there is one small group of people, this little group of people who loves to ruin other people's happiness! damn you to the deepest pit of hell!

it seems like they do not have the time of their lives to make good deeds, other than say something bad about others in their back. and more often than not, they will just smile in front of us and act like nothing happen.

you, of all people should change woman! show some proper behavior in front of your kids. and speaking of kids, no wonder they don't treat you as a real mother, cos you, yourself never, in return, treat them equally right, as a person and as a kid.

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