Saturday, September 17, 2011

it's all about consistency

no matter what you did, consistency is very crucial! without consistency, buat lah banyak mana sekali pun, takkan dapat result yg diharapkan!

I'm trying on a new hobby, more like an activity actually. And I think I'm trying really hard this time because I'm sick of starting over and over again! Penat kot asik buat benda yg sama, pastu stop tengah jalan, bila dah kene akibatnya kat diri sendiri, baru rasa menyesal dan terhegeh2 nak rebound. Oh, puh-liss Aishah. busuk And it's more like maintaining this new activity for as far as I can, mind you. Pray for us.. doa

It doesn't matter how excellent that method is, because the only successful method is the one that you worked on yourself! ;)

ok, good night!

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Anonymous said...

of course consistency is important in our life and i will support you no matter what will facing near future. one thing for sure, trying is one of the key factor to success in work or life. we always do something new in our life and we doesn't know the outcome. but we still try to do in order for us to know the outcome. tak semua benda kita but akan menjadi, tapi jadikan lah ia iktibar. kadang2 bila kita buat sesuatu tapi hasilnya tak sebaik orang lain, kita mesti akan menyesal. tapi tak semua benda orang lain buat berjaya, kita pun akan berjaya. boleh berjaya but in different method, maybe?? so, we will do together and the result will slowly appear near future..chayok dear..