Wednesday, September 22, 2010

conversation with a friend

one of my friend asked me yesterday...

"izzit ok kalau i berhenti smbg bljr kt sni and continue back at one of the nearest uni around my hometown?"

ok, at first agak tkejut dia ckp mcm tu, sbb nmpk dia ok je before ni..

tp tu la kn, mslh org kdg2 kte x tahu, luar nmpk ok, tp dalaman, maybe she's fighting with her unstable emotion. and then i asked her why she wanna do that?

it seem like ad sedikit mslh di skul that caused her to lose interest to continue her study here.

mmg, bg certain org bnde ni akan nmpk remeh, n mebi diorg akan ckp yg kte ni x realistik or tlalu ikutkn perasaan.. sbb ape yg jd, mest akan ad pros and cons dia. tp.... kalau mslh tu mybbkn kite mmg xd ati lgsg nk buat keje or perform at our very best, jln yg dipilih tu maybe terbaik.

and judging by the way that I see her everyday, maybe the decision is for the best. kalau aku pn, blum tntu aku bleh idup sorang mcm tu lama2..she's a strong person.

tp kan, one of my friend said that I could live alone with strangers, sbb kunun2 aku ni friendly and cpt mesra orgnya. cewah! hehehe..

by the way, apepun decision yg die amik, I wish her the very best!

don't explain yourself to your friends, cos they don't need it, and your enemy won't believe it.

do what you think is best for you :)

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