Monday, September 27, 2010

late night wondering, thinking of....

I never thought that, at age like this, as for me, I am 24 years old already, still rs mcm ad mslh identiti.. mcm mase zaman hingusan dulu! hehehe.. rs x secure la, low self esteem la.. n mcm 2 lg la.. n i guess it doesnt matter whether you are 12, 20 or 30 years old, this kind of feeling ttp akan dirasai kalo kite x yakin dgn diri sndiri!

let's face the facts that they will definitely someone yg lebih cantik, lebih comel, lebih pandai, lebih kaya, n ape2 yg lebih la dr kita. and most of the time, we are too busy deciding who's prettier, richer or other -er rather than be grateful of what we have now.

kalau nak compare tahap kesenangan, kesempurnaan paras rupa, kebahagiaan keluarga, adalah lebih baik kita bandingkan diri kita dgn org yg lebih susah hidupnya dr kita, yg kehilangan sebelah tangan atau yg buta sebelah mata, yg keluarganya ad mslh peribadi.. sbb dr situ kita akan rs bsyukur sgt2 that we have a perfect body, not more, not less, a perfect family, and we still can eat at leat 2 times per day, compared to those who do not eat at all!

dan kalo nk compare our ability academically, kita tgok org yg lebih pndai dr kita, mcm mane die usaha smpi dpt result yg excellent cmtu.. so that we could make ourselves move another step ahead. ;)

pesanan utk diri aku sndiri, bsyukur dgn apa yg Allah dh kurniakn kt aku, sbb Dia xkn menguji hambaNya dgn sesuatu yg kita x mmpu nk hadapi...
smileee... sbb sekurang2nya aku ad anggota badan yg smpurna, and I have one perfect family. what more could I ask for?
love yourself for who you really are. be confident. be bold. be excellent! :)

p/s:utk org yg suke sgt kondem org lain, kau ingt kau tu sempurna sgt ke? ehem!

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