Sunday, December 12, 2010

hmm.. lala. lulu.. lalu?~~

ok, siyesly, since yesterday I feel damn lazy! nk buat semua bnde x kene. bile dh start wat bnde tu, stop kejap, pk nk wat bnde lain. bile dh buat bnde lain tu pulak, br nk start teringt bnde lain yg lain pulak yg nk dibuat. haish. x bleh jd nih.. parah gk galo dibiar lame2.. sume kje x jd. mati la aku! hahaha..

well, not much has happened since I last updated this blog. There are, by the way, a few thoughts and mixed up feelings inside my mind. I've been fighting with my own feelings about lots of things. I think it's right as they say, 'you don't know what you've got til it's gone." ok, ni xd kaitan dgn sape2 or dgn relationship aku. everything's ok, cumenye byk bermonolog dgn diri sndiri.

ni la natijahnye kalo duk sorg2 kot? hahaha.. it's either you end up bring more peace in your life, or you feel like a crazy person sometime, sbb asik duk sorg2 je.. nk g jln2 bilik org malas. sume malas,. bongooksss betul!

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