Tuesday, January 4, 2011

happy new year!

Rsnye masih x terlmbat utk ucap Selamat Tahun bary @ Happy New year guys! I started my new year back at home, sbb my mum mintak teman anta my youngest bro g PLKN.. so, ad gk experience tgok bdk2 ni register, naik bas sume2..

well, talking about new year, there must be new resolutions, eh? mine is to complete all incomplete resolutions for last year. kidding! :p but, one thing for sure.. harap2 tahun ni dpt settle down with the person that I love.. that would be my biggest dream of the year. semoga dipermudahkn olehNya. insyaAllah.

and its already 1.26 in the morning. masih x dpt tido sbb td dh 2 jam terbongkang atas katil.. ujan lebat & sejuk & letih pnye pasal. jom main farmville dulu.

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