Wednesday, January 26, 2011

love the one you're with

Ok, for this entry, nk buat book review sikit pasal buku ni. For the record, buku ni yg paling cpt aku habes baca. I bought it on Friday, and managed to finish it up on Monday! Applause for myself.
tepuktangan slalunye, lame jgk nk abeskn bc 1 buku, depends kt mood and time. But this one book is extraordinary for me. Once bace, susah nk put it down! rs nk bace dan bace smpi abes. Maybe it is because of the title yg buat aku rs nk abeskan cepat2 kot.

well, overall buku ni best! All of my questions that start with "what if.." has been answered pretty much in this book. Basically, buku ni pasal this one girl yg bnama Ellen. She just got married for 3 months, and she's so sure that the man she married is the man of her dream and they will definitely live happily ever after. tapiii.. pd satu hari, Ellen tserempak dgn ex-bf die.. from the outside, nmpk mcm 2 org tjmpe di tgh jln is a normal thing. tapi, kt dlm ati Ellen hanya tuhan je yg tau. mcm2 die fikir..

so, as the story moves, byk bnde yg si Ellen ni fikir, boleh dikatakn, yg aku pun terfikir and maybe... just maybe okayh, aku akan buat bnda yg sama yg Ellen ni buat. Seriously, the writer of this book mmg sgt pandai tulis cerita dan seolah2 mmg itu adlh decision yg pasti kita akan buat kalau kita adlh Ellen. Thumbs up to you, writer!
encem my favourite part is on page 80 sbb kt stu mmg ad satu part yg 100% happened to me, once, a long time ago.

The ending agak menyentuh hati, sbb ad satu part ni tbe2 teringt kt my other half, as he is definitely has done the same thing to me, the way Ellen's husband did. sedih sekejap di situ.. hehe.. well, you just don't know what you've got till it's gone, do ya? and for some people, they are just plain lucky to realize that they are not too little too late to change their decision, and the happiness is once again yours to cherish forever.

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