Tuesday, January 25, 2011

humming happily

Today I'm pretty much excited! yes, I can't remember feeling any excited since last month, kot.. One of many things that we both have been planning together, (when I say we, I mean me & him
kenyit) is 99.9% complete! Alhamdulillah. Though there were sooo many obstacles that came along the way, tp akhirnya kami bjaya jgk capai impian yg satu ni.. insyaAllah nanti bile si dia dh smpi, I'll post the picture here. hee

so, lps ni bleh proceed with the next plan.. semoga segalanya akan dipermudahkan olehNya, kan syg? love

I remember this one sentence that I read somewhere on the net..

"bila satu bnda tu bukan milik kita, even kita dh hampir2 nk capai bnde tu, ia x kn jd hak milik kita. and when that something is truly ours, sooner or later, no matter how many obstacles that we have to endure along the way, it will be ours! akan ttp jd milik kita jugak!"

Alhamdulillah.. Thanks Allah, dear God.

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Shida said...

ye, tepat sekali. saye sgt setuju ;)