Sunday, November 14, 2010

7 reasons why to-do list will keep you healthy.. aha!

I stumbled upon this one blog not long ago, about the importance of making to-do list. One trick is to separate your short-term and long-term to-do list, so kte x rs serabut sgt, and mane yg pnting dapat didahulukn. Another one is kte buat mane yg sng nk accomplish dulu, so that we'll feel like we've done things effiiciently, and we won't feel like a burden or something.

Pastu, erm... update list weekly or monthly, depends on our needly-basis. and bile kte rs as bnde yg org lain bleh tlg, do not hesitate to ask them to help you out ok. Remember, kte ni pn manusia biasa. x salah kalo kte mntk tlg org lain seskali ;).. Ok, the 7 reasons are:

1) Gain Control
2) Maximize brainpower --> need I say more? :)
3) Make tough decisions

4) Beat a slump

5) Find motivation
6) Achieve balance

7) Last but not least, you'll feel joy everyday!

well, this my own to-do list. bersepah kn? hehe.

p/s: you can search for more useful tips at ;)
good luck!

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