Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday ramblings

oh.. today I'm all alone again. these past few days, my sis was here. die singgah sini dulu before balik uma cuti. She's a USM student jgk, but at the main campus. So, I feel all alone again since I'm living in a double room but with no roomie. I used to have one before, but she already moved in to a single room. tp ok je duk sorang ni, I got advantages rather than disadvantages. I think, the only disadvantage I can come up with right now is that the fact that I live alone. Tu je kot. Compare to advantagessss, like:

--> I can use as many space as I want, (tp naseb le ye kalo tbe2 1 hari ad roomie br masuk)

--> I can decorate this room as tunggang terbalik as I want... haha

--> I don't have to deal with person who has some kind of peculiar behaviour. Ok, when it comes to this, toleransi tu sgt penting, even up until one point, rs x tahan nak hamburkan segala kepelikan si dia kt sape2 yg sudi dgr.. @__@

But so far, I think I've got pretty good records with all my previous roomies. None of the memories are bitter..

Ok, this is what my room looks like at the moment. I have lotttsss of things, which I do not feature here. Siyesly, masa dh abes blaja nanti, tah bape trip kne ulang dr sini ke umah. In fact, mcm la dekat sgt rumah I tu.. from Penang all the way to Selangor. dekat kot??

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