Tuesday, November 16, 2010


These past few days byk kali kot rs x sihat. Pening, nk demam, sume ade. I guess it was the weather that caused these unhealthy changes kot. Tiap2 ari hujan, pastu panas yg btul2 panas. Agaknya aku kurang mnum air masak kot..bape byk kot aku tulih pun aku x tau...

Lately there are so many things that came across my mind. Unfortunately, they weren't nice things. Betul ke eh, the longer the time we know that someone, the level of love and passion will reduce gradually? Meaning that the time is inversely proportional with the love given.. Not to mention, the lack of attention and sume yg kte cakap, luahkan, ibarat masuk telinga kanan, kuar telinga kiri..

I'm still figuring this thing out. Hmm.. Agak sedih kalau bnde ni betul.


budak chOmel said...

Owh..mcm tu aku tanak berchenta lama2 lah..huhu.. :)

~aishah♥ said...

tu la.. kdg2 rs cm nk giv up pn ade.. tp tu sume dugaan kot.. ;)