Sunday, November 14, 2010

sy syg kwn sy

hmm.. everyday we learn something new. along the process, we do make some mistakes. and we learn from it to further improve ourselves in the future. tp kan, dlm kte berkawan sehari2 ni, x dpt tidak, mest kte ad buat kwn kita tu trase, x sikit, byk.. kn? kn?

the same thing happened to me. I admit, I'm not perfect, and so are you. tp, itu bkn alasan utk kte tidak meng'improve' diri sndiri mnjdi kwn yg lebih baik. kn? In fact, I do try to make everyone around me happy, and xd yg sakit2 ati dek lawak yg kte rs x lawak pn sbnrnye.

So, bile agak2 nk kuarkn statement berani mati tu, kte kne pikir dulu, org lain trase ke x dgn ape yg kte nk ckp ni. one more thing, kalo nk gurau pn, ken la btmpat. ni x, time mmbe kte tgh stress dgn keje die yg x siap, sbb mistake org lain, kte ckp padan muke lak. mane x hangin satu bdn beb! bukan spnjg mase kte leh bgurau. silap2, truih putus kwn nnt, disebabkn mulut berapi kita tu. lame2 mne leh tahan beb!

so, definitely it will effect our friendship with that someone. My advise?

--> appreciate your friends and don't simply say things that might hurt 'em in any way. I believe you know your friends better, right?

--> Think before you speak. sounds so simple, and yet it's hard, isn't it?

last but not least, I love all my friendsssss... =)

cite Friends ni sgt best kn? They stick with each other through thick and thin.


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