Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday blues? nope!

Today is not the same like my previous Monday.. the reason being is that because I feel good! vibrant! energetic! hmm.. ape lg ayat yg bleh menggambarkan mood ari ni ye? enthusiastic! and all the synonym that relates to enthusiastic! heh! Frankly speaking, I do not know why, but it feels great you know, where normally Monday is the day that makes you feel kinda blues all day. Wondering why weekend seem to fly away rapidly. But today, I really feel different! Everything seem to be in order, got a couple of things settled, I'm wearing proper, preppy clothes to lab. *mcm nk g tgok wyg pn ad*...

And I hope that this feeling will linger with me for at least until working hour. =)

And thanks to PangeranChenta, for tagging me along with the question. nnt akak buat kalo ad masa ok ;)

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